The story of Arla

We didn’t want to name our baby Khaleesi or Theon or any other Game of Thrones inspired name, which the Registrar informed us was happening on a surprisingly regular basis. There was even a news article about parents naming their babies after Game of Thrones characters stuck up on the wall in the Registry Office. I assume this was in case any parents had reached their 6 week deadline and still needed inspiration, something else the Registrar said happened on a regular basis. Instead, we decided to go with a major dairy products company.

Bob was a teacher when we got married and so we decided to split our honeymoon into two parts, the first to Thailand straight after the wedding and the second to Sweden over New Year to hopefully see the Northern Lights. It was whilst on a chair lift taking us up to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko that Bob told me he wanted us to start a family. The fear of falling to his death possibly spurring on his need to spawn a child.

I’d been told several years earlier that I may find it difficult to conceive and may not be able to have children naturally due to endometriosis and severe scarring and not to leave it too late before trying if I wanted children. At the time Bob and I decided that we didn’t want to start trying before we felt we were ready and that we would deal with whatever situation we found ourselves in when the time was right. Fast-forward 3 years and there we were, dangling in the air, 900 metres above sea level, deciding to start a family.

Our plan was to start trying whilst ticking a few other things off of our bucket list, so that after a year of trying we could then get the help we needed. Arla’s plan was somewhat different and within two and half months I was pregnant. I strongly believe that Bob and I having no expectations of conceiving and therefore not feeling any pressure or stress helped us to conceive quickly. We were incredibly fortunate.

Throughout my pregnancy Bob and I failed to agree on any girls names. We downloaded apps where you can list your top 20 names and these would be rearranged on an almost daily basis. Yet at no point did we have a match in our top 5’s! Finally we both agreed on the name Grace as a middle name. However the hunt was still on for a first name. Not long before my due date I suggested we look at Swedish names for some sentiment and it was through a Nordic names app we found the name Arla and fell in love with it. One of the Swedish meanings is ‘early’ which we thought was very apt and the English meaning is ‘strong woman’ which is what we will strive for, for our daughter.

It was only after Arla was born and named that we started noticing Arla lorries delivering produce, Arla milk bottles in friends’ fridges and Arla adverts on TV.

In a twist of irony, our Arla is dairy and lactose intolerant.



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